Dyva Business Development

Sales - Local or Global - Strategy, Valuechain & Implementation

Welcome to Dyva Business Development

Need for commercial sparring? Particularly in developing markets in Scandinavia and Europe.

Dyva Business Development has customers focused on:

  • Special trade, pharmacy, drugstore.
  • Customers are within in food, supplements, OTC, Medical Device and Cosmetics.
  • Markets are the Nordic Countries and Europe

So if you or someone in your network need market analysis / assessment, value chain design, partner- or distributor search - we can assist with building the commercial strategy, but also implementation and if needed also participate in finalize the agreements.

Find more information at www.dyvabusinessdevelopment.com or contact Eske Dyva at +45 2397 7344

We are experts in:

  • Business development (International & Local)
  • New channels & new markets
  • From Strategy, market plans to implementation
  • Startup - from a sales perspective

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About Eske Dyva

  • An analytical merchant - able to find and make earnings visible throughout the value chain.
  • Strong in sales - both personal sales - but especially in sales management and development of new sales and "go to market" strategies and new billing models.
  • International experience from the subsidiary's management in Eastern Europe, as well as business development in Europe and South America.

Value Chain - New price and "go to market" models

Strong experiance in evaluating, selecting and opening new markets across the world.

Specialist in "go to market" models trough agents and distributors

Retail, FMCG & Pharmacy

  • FMCG and Supermarkets in Scandinavia, Northen Europe and UK
  • Pharmacy in Scandinavia, Europe and South America
  • Categories: Cosmetics & Personal care, Food & Beverage, Health food & Vitamins, OTC and Medical Device.